How to find restaurants near me?

If you are too hungry, your judgement may be blurry and it is not easy to decide to go a good restaurant near you. If you don’t know how to find restaurants nearby, you can try old school tactics and ask a trusted friend and get his opinion or you can go online and search internet for the answer of “How to find restaurants near me?” question.

The first possible thing to do is of course go online and search “restaurants near me” keywords. Google algorithms will start to work and based on your location, it will show you best estimates as shown below.

How to find restaurants near me?

Restaurants near me

Which tool is better?

There are other tools out there which also show restaurants near you. Here is a list of these websites:


One of the good sources for restaurants is TripAdvisor. Whenever you search restaurants, TripAdvisor typically shows you “Top 10 Best Restaurants” headline. When you click on it; you’ll find more than 10 options of course. When you are in TripAdvisor dashboard; you can use filter option and find best suits for your taste.


Yelp is another good option to check restaurants near by. When you search online, Yelp also refines your search brings “Top 10 Best Restaurants” topic. But typically it is more than 10 restaurants. They use this headline mostly because of SEO purposes.

The logic or the algorithms of Google, TripAdvisor or Yelp works differently. So you’ll probably couldn’t find same results if you search best restaurants near you.

Other search results may vary depending on your location. But we know that restaurants work hard to rank high on search results and increase their quality and service. At this point; reference plays an important role. The number of good reviews about this particular restaurants will make it appear higher in the search results.

What must restaurants owner do to rank higher?

If you are restaurant owner, how will you rank higher in the search results? First thing to do is of course to have a high quality restaurant or cafe. Second thing is to invest on their online presence. This is not an easy task but achievable in long term. The restaurants who are socially active, who use digital marketing tools effectively and who knows the importance of SEO will win in long run.